Archer-Duell, Mildred “Lois”

February 6, 1940 – April 4, 2021
at the age of 81 years


  1. I will always remember her in theatre singing oscar myer weiner. i was very young

  2. My Mother was a complex person and our relationship was just as complex. I am grateful she had Rob by her side and that she found joy with him and in the arts; that she had found her way to shine and enjoy her life the way she wanted to. Thank you for the kind words and thoughts of her they are nice to read and I’m thankful she was well thought of.

  3. I was so sorry to hear of Lois’ passing. I had the pleasure of working with her on several Shuswap Theatre productions over the years, most recently Red Plaid Shirt. I always enjoyed her wonderful sense of humour and her professionalism. Backstage, Lois would decorate her dressing room mirror space with pictures, poems and quotes that she felt were important to her character. I found these collections fascinating, and Lois would often bring in a quote or picture that made her think of me in my role as stage manager. So thoughtful, and such a personal touch. I shall miss you, Lois, you were an amazing person who shared many things with me, including your awesome first name!

  4. Lois was a pleasure to work with and I will treasure the thoughtful notes she sent to me for the plays we worked on together. She was a great source for “everything props”. We could always count on Lois for old newspapers, magazines, etc. (always in impeccable condition). Deepest condolences to Rob.

  5. I always loved Lois’ cheerful attitude. She contributed so much to our theatre community. She is loved and missed by so many. I’m sure she and Agnes Rudeen are enjoying a glass of fine wine and the company of many actors/actresses who have gone before her. Rest peacefully, dear Lois.

  6. Lois was a very dear friend of ours for over 50 years. She was family and it’s difficult to say goodbye to her. She was a lady of many talents but anything to do with the theatre was her true love – besides her forever hubby, Rob that is. Her gardens were always beautiful and welcoming. Lois had the greenest of thumbs and taught me a thing or two over the years. (Not that it helped much Louie) My friend – I miss you.

  7. I, too, remember numerous times hanging out with Lois and others at Zone and Provincial festivals. She was so hungry to learn, took copious notes kept them. She rarely missed a festival. I only acted with her once that I recall and it was her last show, A Red Plaid Shirt, last February/March. A pleasure to work with. We’ll definitely miss her many talents and her dedication.

  8. Lois and I were theatre buddies. Over the years we shared our love of theatre. We acted together at Shuswap Theatre and with Shu-String Theatre. Lois directed me in a couple of productions. Aileen Brand, Lois and myself attended O-Zone festivals together and would enjoy many an evening discussing all things theatre over a glass of wine. Lois was knowledgeable and thoughtful. Her attention to detail was amazing. I always appreciated Lois’ professional approach to performance and was in awe watching her meticulously develop any character she was playing. I will miss her greatly.

  9. The last time I saw Lois, we had a wonderful chat and I learned yet more about her. She had such an impish little grin when sharing fun secrets and I hold her dear in my heart. She told me about her husband and how wonderful he was to her and how much she valued their relationship. I am grateful that I spent time with her at the theatre and I will miss her dearly, especially her always ready humour and laughter. She remains a special part of my theatre memories.

  10. Lois was multi-talented and such a valued member of Shuswap Theatre. We will all dearly miss her talent, creativity, calm demeanour, cheery smile and friendship.

  11. Such a lovely and talented lady!
    I so enjoyed working with her in shows at the Theatre !
    Rest in piece, Lois!

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