Balazs, Edward

November 30, 1932 – February 25, 2021
at the age of 88 years

Ed loved his wife Marge so much that when Marge packed her bags for paradise on Dec. 31, 2020, Ed was not far behind (Feb. 25, 2021). A real-life love story.

Born of Hungarian descent, Ed started life on a humble farm in Banger, Saskatchewan on Nov. 30, 1932. Life was not easy on the farm due to cold winters and lots of hard work. Ed lived an impressive life. He left home at 13, moved to New Westminster at 15, and started a 40+ year career with Canfor at 16. He met and married Marge at 17, the love of his life. Family was paramount for the Balazs as they raised four kids: David, Eric (Nuria), Cheryl, and Paul (Lisa).  They started in a small house in Port Moody. He built the family home in Port Coquitlam after their fourth and last son was born. This is where they lived on acreage until Ed’s retirement.  Soon the Balazs moved to Salmon Arm where they spent their summers on the ranch and the winters in Arizona. After selling the ranch, Ed built another house in town.

Ed’s talents knew no boundaries as he could do anything that he set his mind to. Always a driven perfectionist, Ed was able to build and repair everything that came his way. Consistently overbuilding – must have had stock in screws and nails: coining the phrase “Balazs Built.” He was a man who knew what he wanted and knew how to get it. Ed was an active member of the Knights of Columbus where he helped provide wheelchairs and surgeries for the less fortunate.  He was an adventurer who lived by the axiom: tight lines and straight shooting! Many, many dinners were the result of Ed’s expertise all stemming from his early childhood. He loved the mountains, his horses, and his wife, Marge. This summer, Ed and Marge, celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary.

Ed leaves behind his children, five grandchildren: Cherie, Jeffrey, Kevan (Adora), Katrina, and Curtis, and one great grandchild, Freja.

Ed was a sensitive man… a strong man…a generous man…and a kind man. Most of all, Ed was a MAN’S MAN. He will be remembered by living a noble life filled with integrity. He will be greatly missed and remembered by his family fondly.

A special thank you to the Bastion Place staff and management who made Ed’s last year’s comfortable and enjoyable.


  1. I only got to know Ed in the last 3 years of his life in Bastion but what I remember most is that his character displayed a contentment in his less than ideal circumstances and ability to make the most of the situation. I seen a kindness in him with a good sense of humor, generosity and deep love for his family, especially his wife Marge. I was blessed to be part of the various joyous family birthday celebrations in his room, assorted visits, watching sports games, to the end of the spectrum in his final days on this earth…. to be with him along with his son David, as we listened to Ed recall some of his past youth and growing up – what a memory he had! In all of these situations, Ed was a solid, unwavering man whom contributed to all those who had a chance to know him.

  2. Dad….you played a big part in my life. Not always fore-front but always there with your wisdom, humour and of course your opinion.

    Remember dinners every body talking (yelling) not too many listening. Dad you gave me freedom when freedom was more than a word. You trusted us and what was yours was ours. Through you I gained confidence and independence.

    Thank you for your passion of adventure and wonder. From lofty mountains to the wild surf. You gave me the world and the love of the great outdoors.
    But most of all dad, thank you for making me the man I’ve become. I’m happy.

    What greater tribute than that….I am proud to have called you dad. Truly blessed.

    You gave me the wisdom and the ability to do what ever I wanted. Nobody’s perfect, but you always did right by me.
    Love David

  3. I’m very sad to say goodbye to my Best Friend “Ed”. We shared a wonderful friendship over 36 years, initially meeting each other while working at Canfor Plywood Mill. After we both retired and relocated to Salmon Arm our friendship continued with many fun dinner get togethers and the enjoyment making our annual batch of wine. While Ed was in Bastion, I visited him regularly, often twice a week, bringing him his personal phone orders to me of snacks, consisting of Tim Hortons muffins, coffee, and his favourite Hawkins Cheezies. He truly will be missed by all of us. Our condolences to the Balazs family. Rest In Peace my friend….
    Sincerely Vic & Eleanor Caminiti
    & Wayne & Lisa McClelland

  4. Much love goes to David, Eric, Cheryl & Paul. I first met Uncle Ed & Aunt Marge Christmas day 1967. They had dinner for about 20 members of the Balazs clan in the basement of their home. I remember being so impressed with the welcome I received from them, and the whole family, as I was newly engaged to Claire (Bart) Balazs Bartok. I could tell there was much love, joy & happiness in that house. I could fill up many pages with stories of what Ed & Marge did for Bart & I over their lifetimes, including guidance, love and assistance. When I think of Ed I always remember the story of when he went into ICBC for us to argue about vehicle insurance while we were overseas. We kept getting refused, but Ed went in wearing his cowboy hat, not sure if he rode up on his horse, and got our refund! Bureaucrats just didn’t say no to Uncle Ed. Their children have inherited that sense of helpfulness , family & love, which is a testament and legacy that Ed & Marge leave. I know that Bart felt very close to Ed, like he was the father he never had, and David & Eric you were his brothers. Ed & Marge you will be missed.

  5. Our heartfelt sympathy and condolences. We had the pleasure of a few years to know both Marg and Ed. It was delightful to take part in their 70th. Wedding Anniversary. Their sense of humor and caring was always welcome. May they both rest in peace in God’s Kingdom.

  6. So sorry to hear of Uncle Ed’s passing and yet happy to know he went to his love Aunt Marge. He had a great influence on me. He was a Man’s Man. He had opinions but when Aunt Marge said “Oh Ed “ he had so much respect and love for her, he’d stop and do anything for her. It was a love story worth sharing and one worth imitating. He was a man at a very young age that many could never be. Condolences to his family. He has big shoes to be filled

  7. My sympathy and condolences to the entire Balazs family for the loss of Ed and Marge. Their love, of more than 70 years, built a house of love, which I was privileged to enjoy for so many years. God bless them and keep them, until we’re all reunited forever.

  8. My deepest sympathies to the Balazs family.Mr. and Mrs. Balazs were the kind of neighbors everybody should be so fortunate to know and have .They were both very kind and I have many great memories of trips to Osprey lake with them.

  9. David, Eric, Cheryl, Paul and Families,
    Heartfelt sympathy to all of you with the passing of your dad last week. A dad leaves his mark in the world through the love he gives his children. The loss of a father is never easy, but what stays with you keeps him alive in your heart and that’s the loving memories of all you shared together So sorry for your loss. Rest in peace Uncle Ed. Sending thoughts and prayers….love your cousin, Carla Redler (nee Balazs)

  10. Sorry to hear of the passing of Uncle Ed. Our thoughts and prayers are with during this time of grieving and
    Sadness. Eternal rest be granted to Uncle Ed and Auntie Marge. God bless you all at this difficult time. Let the
    Memories of your Mom and Dad last forever.

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