Barber, Lindsay Anne

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJanuary 31, 1980 – November 06, 2014
At the age of 34


  1. Miss You so much!!!

  2. missing you today and everyday

  3. Miss You so much

  4. Still thinking about you Linds

  5. miss you so much!!!!!

  6. miss ya so much

  7. Miss you Lindsay,
    You are still in my thoughts.
    Wish things could have been different for you.

  8. 6 years since you left. miss you so much till we meet again Dad

  9. Lindsay, my sweet sister who didn’t get any of the life you should have. I know you know you’re on my mind all the time. I know you’re hanging out with me everyday. I know one day we will meet again and we will paint our toes orange and talk about life as we see it. May your soul be resting.

  10. missing you think of you everyday

  11. sure do miss you sweetie

  12. Lindsaloo…not a day goes by that I don’t think of you.
    Always on my mind and always in my heart.
    Sure do miss you…xoxox

  13. miss you very much

  14. Lindsy Dindsy, you are truly missed. We miss what could have been and what never was but mostly we miss you. Say hi to the big guy for me, kid and save me a spot will ya.


  15. Dear Linds,
    Thinking about you. Remembering you.

  16. 730 days since you have left us miss you sweetie more than i can express

  17. Hey Linds,

    Thinking of you lots, everyday.

    Love ya kid.


  18. hey linds thinking of you on this rainy am miss ya

  19. Hi Mark,
    My condolences for the loss of your love, and best friend.
    Sincerely, Joanne.

  20. Hey Linds miss ya man.

  21. still missing and loving you

  22. Thinking of you now, every day before and every day after.
    Love ya, kid

  23. Ya, me too linds, I think about you everyday

  24. think of you everyday love you

  25. sure miss you,love ya

  26. My condolences to Lindsay’s family. I worked with Lindsay for a short period of time before she took a job in Salmon Arm. Sorry to hear about her untimely death.

  27. NO@. Get ur ass back here.. I need you. I just cant wrap my head around you not being here. You weren’t allowed to leave, you said you would call me back.
    You are my bestie, and worsty, our ups and downs, but through it all you were my rock. My beacon back to realty. My shoulder to cry on, I really need it now.
    Love you linds.. miss you soo much.. its not even real.

  28. I have only known you briefly Lindsay, but you have left a sweet imprint on my heart.

  29. Rest in peace sweet girl. You will not be forgotten.

  30. I am so very sorry the hear about this.
    cousin Penny Pollock

  31. Rest in peace dear Lindsay

  32. You will always be my best friend
    I will forever love you
    Rest in Paradise Lindsaloo

  33. Don’t tell God how big your problems are. Tell your problems how big your God is.

    Love ya, kid.

  34. It still doesn’t feel real. Gonna miss you Cuz. Until we meet again, forever in my heart. Xox

  35. You will stay forever in my heart miss mew

  36. I’ll miss your laugh and your love of the outdoors. Say hi to Rachel and Mastaya. I hope you are dancing up there in heaven.

  37. you will always be daddys little girl

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