Bradley, Roy

January 21, 1952 – October 2, 2022
at the age of 70 years


  1. Roy and Lorne were very helpful in providing my Uncle Bud and Aunty Marge (McKay) with the technical equipment (solar panels, inverter, battery array) as well as their great construction and design services, including a wood-fired cedar hot tub on their deck. They were very grateful to have the Bradley Family as neighbours. You all helped make their retirement an amazing and fulfilling experience. Thank you.

  2. taught me lots mechanical and building boats. we need more roys in the world

  3. Thank you Roy for everything you have done for us. We are so sad to know that you are here anymore. Rest in peace.
    Christa and August

  4. Roy and his family were the hub around which the community in Gilman’s Bay revolved and were generous with their time, labour and advice. They helped most of the cabin owners build and maintain their places. Roy was a genius at designing and building precision items like Pelton wheels to generate power from the community water supply and handmade wooden clocks that were amazingly precise. The hovercraft he and Lorne built to make mail runs from Sicamous to Seymour Arm from a Subaru and lawnmower motor was a wondrous piece of machinery. Rest in peace, Roy.

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