Bugala, Frank Daniel

July 18, 1941 – September 19, 2021
at the age of 80 years


  1. Frank and I became friends through WA:TER (Wetland Alliance the Environmental Response) in early 2009; when we and other concerned citizens became aware of ill-advised plans to in-fill (with gravel and assorted other fill materials) many hectares of floodplain fish habitat on the Salmon River delta, for the purposes of a large shopping centre with an associated housing complex.
    Along with his invention of the name “WA:TER (Wetland Alliance the Environmental Response)” for our environmentally concerned group, Frank brought a wealth of practical community experience, infused with a passionate appreciation for the critical importance of natural ecosystems and their processes; in this case, for river and lake floodplain (wetland) habitats.
    I and others in WA:TER, including its many resident supporters, are deeply saddened to hear of this good man’s passing.

  2. I met Frank some twelve or thirteen years ago and we became friends working on community issues. Frank was a passionate advocate for the causes he believed in. He had an imaginative approach having a background that ranged from
    architecture to tap dancing. One of his ideas that I found most attractive was to construct an elevated market starting at McGuire Lake leading to a space over the Ross Street Parking lot and on over the CPR tracks. He based his concept on the Galleria in Milan Italy.

    We will miss him and remember him

  3. I am very sorry to hear of Frank’s passing. While we knew each other for only the past dozen years, I really enjoyed our meetings and discussions. Frank’s interest and passion for history, and all things that made our community better, will be remembered fondly. Interactions with Frank were always interesting and always respectful and came from the heart. Salmon Arm is a better place because of what Frank had to offer.

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