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Cremation Services in Salmon Arm, Vernon, and Kamloops

At Fischer’s Funeral Services & Crematorium Ltd., we are committed to helping you give your loved ones a respectful farewell. We can provide you with complete cremation services in Salmon Arm, Vernon, and Kamloops. We offer comprehensive packages to suit your needs.

We understand your wish to honor your loved one in the best way you can. We are here to help. Contact us to find out more about our services.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Service Info

Do you offer personalized cremation services?

Yes, we do. Many people are interested in unconventional personalized service.  We believe that when it comes to celebrating somebody’s life, there is no right or wrong way. We are simply happy to discuss your wishes and help fulfill them.

How will funeral directors help me?

Our funeral director will assist you with the logistics following a death. From paperwork to preparations to transporting and cremating the body, we are here to help.

What if death occurs outside of Salmon Arm?

In such a case, we will arrange transportation to the crematorium.  

Cost Info

What is the average cost of cremation services?

There is no fixed average cost. The price varies depending on the ceremonial services involved, including viewing, visitation, or memorial ceremony.

Is there an option to prepay for a cremation?

Yes. You may prepay for cremation services as well as other funeral arrangements.

Why Choose Us?

We listen to your needs and are known to provide honest and compassionate care. Over the years, we have served clients across Salmon Arm, Vernon, and Kamloops, and  have established a reputation as a trustworthy provider of all funeral and crematorium services, including memorials and obituaries. Our entire team is dedicated to offering dignified funeral arrangements that suit your values and needs.

Your Compassionate Cremation Service Provider

Let us help you say a proper goodbye to your loved one.

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