Cropper, Kathryn Gail

July 26, 1946 – April 25, 2019
at the age of 72 years

I was about to say “on April 25th I lost my best friend”. But I didn’t, I know where she is and she took a big piece of my heart with her. She lived a lot longer than the medical community expected; as at age forty she was told she wouldn’t live another five years.

 In the garden of life she always had a very hard row to hoe. But with her dogged determination hoe it she did; and in her 72nd year her deteriorating heart gave up the struggle. I envision her laying down her hoe, sitting at the end of the row with Jesus and discussing life in the garden with Him. Then she smiled, closed her eyes and fell asleep in His arms. 

Needless to say her husband of 44 years, Wayne will truly miss Kathryn his ‘Queen of Hearts’. Her friends and family too. Especially her older sister (me) and younger brother Dan.

                    Sleep soundly dear sister, sleep sound. Miss you terribly – Love you deeply ~ Lynne ~


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