Stardatecards™© Eternal Memorials – to the end of space and time.stardate

Nothing says “I will remember you” more… than to say it forever.

Stardatecards™© Eternal Memorials is a service that allows the public to truly commemorate family and loved ones to the end of space and time. The bereaved provide the text of the commemoration and a photo image of their loved one which is transmitted to a visible night sky astronomical object – a star, star system or galaxy. Once sent you are able to look skyward to see the far away destination the memorial will travel toward and follow the transmission’s journey online.

See the videos on the left and below for more information.

The link below provides more information and includes a questionnaire that seeks your input and feedback. Take the survey and receive a free text deep space communication.

Click here to complete the questionnaire online.

For more information and/or to print and fill out the questionnaire, please click here for our PDF document for details.

Transmission provided by Science Alive! The New Zealand Science Centre; text transmissions do not include a photo image.

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