Fearn, Robert Wallace

May 24, 1943 – July 7, 2021
at the age of 78 years


  1. I’m sorry that only now did I hear of Bob’s passing. I would have like to pay my respects and pass on my condolences to his family at the time. I hope they see this at some time.
    I too had the pleasure of knowing Bob for many years and being involved with several of his ventures. I can echo the sentiments of the others who have written here. Bob was generous, inquisitive, a guy that always thought outside the box. He didn’t care for rules, or codes, or “common“ practice. He was always patient – but didn’t suffering fools gladly. I remember his foray into starting an Alternative School on Clam Bay Farm; Construction of his cabin on Fane Island and the water collection system; The windmill… and his aluminum boat to carry lumber, and the idea of building a tennis court on the island that would also collect rainwater; His home on “The Highway” in West Van, where I lived for the best part of a year in the mid 80’s; His 110’ steel sailboat, Carina” liberated from a shipyard in China and motored across the Pacific. His gift to me of a trip anywhere that Air Canada flew, and me choosing the farthest possible destination – Tel Aviv. His own small Cessna plane that we would fly from Earl Hastings strip to some lower mainland airport to get a hamburger or pie. He was always fun and provocative, and adventurous, and challenging. His passing stirred up those old memories. I’ll always remember him. Rest in Peace Bob.

  2. It is with sadness I’m only finding out of Bob’s passing, my Wife Merrilee and myself Murray Ashworth new Bob for many years.
    Bob was a very generous person, in 1992 when I meet my Wife, Bob was very kind to let me use his wonderful sailboat a C&C 44’ called (Capricious).
    I courted Merrilee on this yacht over on Bowen Island, many weekends of wonderful sailing and a weeks sailing trip up to Desolation Sound. If it wasn’t for Bob’s generosity my Wife’s and my paths may have led in different directions, thank you Bob.
    I had lost contact with Bob over last few years, when my Wife and I retired up in the Kelowna area, our condolences to his family.
    Murray & Merrilee Ashworth

  3. Bob owned Clam Bay Farm before me, and it has since had two more owners. Bob was a passionate environmental steward. His big pond, built with a borrowed D9 Cat,
    has enriched that part of Pender Island for many years now. He went on to build a large and beautiful steel yacht. I liked Bob

  4. I had the pleasure of meeting and getting know Bob several years ago when he rented a unit in our building for his solar panel business. What started as a tenant/ landlord relationship quickly turned into friendship filled with many laughs and stories of him being a pilot, boat builder, author and more. I will miss not getting those follow up emails and phone calls telling me what new things he was up to. And though I don’t know his family i heard many good things about them from Bob. My condolences to the family.

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