Johnny, Katherine Agnes

April 11, 1960 – May 8, 2024
at the age of 64 years

Celebration of Life:  Sunday, May 12, 2024, 11:00 a.m., Pierre’s Point Long Building

              Katherine A. Johnny was born to Herbert and Vera Johnny on April 11, 1960, in Salmon Arm, BC.
 She has many fond memories living with her Granny Regina Kenoras where she was Baptized into the Catholic
Religion. Her God Father was Joseph Johnny, who loved her dearly.  She came back to the Switsemalph
community at the age of 14 and lived with her siblings after her mom passed, staying at home until the age of 17, moving periodically to Kamloops with Phyllis and Vancouver.
In February 1980 she gave birth to her first-born daughter Adrienne Josephine Johnny. She was named after her two uncles Adrian and Joseph Johnny.
In December 1981 she gave birth to her baby girl Vera Leigh Johnny who was named after her grandmother Vera Johnny. Leigh was her favorite name where Vera is almost named Leigh.
Granny Susan came and spent two weeks with Kate after each of daughters were born.
She resided in Vancouver in 1985 to live closely with her younger brother Gary Johnny so her 2 daughters could get to know him. 1986 she moved back to Salmon Arm at her permanent residence to raise her 2 daughters.
Her daughter Adrienne made her a grandmother in 2003 with her first grand daughter Desiree Dick. Followed by
Cherish in 2004, Kirsten in 2005, Aurora in 2006, Mason in 2010 and our baby Ann in 2012. She was happy to become a grandmother and was adamant to see them all graduate high school she witnessed the three oldest grandchildren graduate. Her grandchildren were her pride and joy and wouldn’t let them get away with
anything – Vera and Adrienne could contest this. Anything for her babies!
In 1994, Michael Johnny came to live with his auntie until he graduated in 1997… he was the only boy living in a house full of girls where he was blamed for being late for the school bus and having to run down 50th Ave to catch the school bus.
In 2005, Andrea and Susan Johnny came to live with their auntie up until they graduated. Andrea graduated in 2007 and Susan graduated in 2009. Andrea, Susan and Mike were children to her late sister Christine Johnny.
She had a few good friends and many adventures with Charlotte and Theresa, who are the few to mention and many more who have passed on before her. 
Some of the memories that all the kids in Kate’s life were that she always had a door open and she always made sure that you had a place to lay your head and a meal to eat. I am sure that at one point Kate had at least 6
separate  families in her house. And another memory is between the girls there were 12 kids and 10 adults there for one of the Easter family Bar-B-Qs. She always loved having all the kids under one roof.
The majority of the kids’ friends usually loved coming here and visiting her and knowing that they were
welcome to come to her house.
Her favorite pastime was 420!! Hee-hee many will know what that means. She also loved to spend time at the casino and bingo until it was too uncomfortable for her to bear. She also loved becoming part of the Elder’s group where she was able to call bingo for fundraising. They went on a few trips, one was to Seattle for a Blue Jays baseball game, the Mariners against the Blue Jays. Another was to the Elder’s Gathering in Vancouver, BC.
In 2004 she was diagnosed with breast cancer where she chose to have a mastectomy where she survived and beat that battle with cancer.  She continued to a live a healthy life up to November 2023 when she was
diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer as well as other major organs. May 8, 2024, is when she lost her battle with cancer in her home surrounded by loved ones.

Katie Lady Rest in Peace you are now cancer free, and soul is free – Fly High!



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  1. I went to College doing upgrading with Kate .She was one of the funniest people I have ever met .In the years afterwards we would occasionally see eachother on the street and she would always give me a hug .She was one of the positive and genuine people I have ever met .A kind soul for sure .
    She will be truly missed . Rest easy Kate

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