Jolly, Anita

January 18, 1936 – June 29, 2023
at the age of 87 years:     

We are heartbroken to announce the passing of our dear Mum (Anita) at 87 years.   Anita was born in Manchester, England and that was home until they made a life-changing decision as a family.  In 1973 Derrick (husband), Anita, and their two sons (Steven & Martyn) immigrated to Canada and made their home in Salmon Arm, BC.  Anita was a busy lady, raising two boys, working as a bookkeeper for a local business and doing the books for their family’s Construction company.

Even though Anita lived in Salmon Arm for 50 years, when people heard her speak with her pronounced English accent, it never failed to start up a conversation of where she came from. Anita had a special gift of always turning a difficult day into good.  Whomever was in her presence ended up with a smile, sharing some laughter and if needed a hug!  We all can hear her say “Ta Luv— hello sunshine—time for a cuppa?—and her favorite—Bloody Hell!” 

Anita was happy and positive in her life.  She enjoyed her time with family, friends, morning coffee catch-up with the ladies, phone conversations with Shirley, Dina, Alison and her family in England.  She treasured her weekly hair appointments (always looking beautiful), reading a good murder/mystery on her Kindle, having fresh deep-fried halibut caught by Nona and Martyn and watching a good football match (soccer).  She loved her apartment and where it was located as everyone there looked out for each other.  She was the first line of security as she knew all the goings and comings!  Nothing got past her!

Anita loved the ocean, and she has a poem that is dear to her heart, and she would like to share.

Peaceful Seas

I wanted to stand near the sea,
And feel that sense of being free;
We found the ocean all at rest,
With peaceful waves so gently blest.
And on the sand, all set aside,
Were treasures left by ebbing tide,
Pebbles gleaming, shells so white,
Sparkling in the morning light.

Raindrops fell from clouds of grey,
The skyline veiled with mist that day,
Yet still the ocean held my heart,
Forgotten those months we’d been apart.
The vision of any open sea
Stays always in my soul with me;
Unchanging rhythm of the flow
Of mighty tides that come and go,
Held safely in eternal hands
As generations walk the sands.   
                                 Enid Pearson


Anita is predeceased by her parents, (James and Alma Sanderson, 2 brothers (Wallace and David), sister (Doris), husband (Derrick) 2009, and Son (Steven) 2020. She is survived by son Martyn and his wife Nona and from England–brother (Bernard) & Eileen, and many nieces and nephews.

The family would like to express their deepest appreciation to Salmon Arm Ambulance Service and Shuswap Lake General Hospital for their time and care.  Gratitude from our hearts to Interior Health-Palliative-(Susan)-who was so helpful and kind, and the compassion and care from Dr. Rose, whom she loved.

As per Anita’s request there will be no service and lieu of flowers a donation can be sent to Shuswap Lake General Hospital.

We hear you one last time Mum
Bye Bye—Luv— Bye Bye
“Swim with the fishes”


  1. I have had the honour of knowing Aunty Nita all my life, as my Mum Joyce, and Dad Geoff Millett were friends from when they lived in Handforth in the UK. She was an amazing lady, always so positive and made everyone laugh, and always putting the world to rights!! Myself,my husband Mace and Shannon were so fortunate to get out to Salmon Arm in 2018 to visit – neither Mace nor Shannon having met her before, but boy did she leave a most memorable, lovable impression on them both! It was so lovely to catch up with Martyn too, and finally to get to meet Nona – both of whom Aunty Nita loved so very much and when we spoke, always sang their praises for all the help and support they gave her. They all made us so welcome and a visit that we will never forget. Sending our deepest sympathies, much love and kindness to both Martyn and Nona at this sad time.

  2. I met Anita and her family shortly after they arrived in Salmon Arm in 1974 and we’ve been friends ever since. Even after my family came back to England, we still kept in touch. I have very fond memories of the family Christmas’s we spent together and of when she visited us in England. We talked on the phone often and we would always ‘put the world to rights’. We always had very happy chats and I miss that very much. I really do feel the loss of my friend, and send my love and condolences to Martyn and Nona.

  3. I’m so truly sorry for your loss. I worked for Dr. Rose, and loved chatting with Anita. She definitely had a unique ability to change the mood of the day with her kindness. One quick call from Anita and all of a sudden you have a smile on your face. What a gift!! She will be missed!

  4. Sympathy & thoughts with you Martyn , Nona & Jolly families. Anita Mum will be fondly remembered by all that she touched!
    Deb & Jerry

  5. Sympathy and condolences from the Jolly family branch (grandchildren of Edgar’s brother Bert. Children of the late Roger) in Cheshire & Cornwall England.

  6. I knew Anita for a few years when she was living at Piccadilly Terrace and I was working there. What a lovely lady ! We had some of the best chats in the early morning before the day shift came in. I am truly sorry to see that she has passed. My condolences to Martyn and Nona.

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