Kennedy, Carley Rosaline

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJanuary 13, 1987 – February 10, 2014
at the age of 27 years

Memorial Service:  Saturday, Feb. 15, 2014, 1:00 p.m., Head of the Lake Hall, Okanagan Indian Band, Near Vernon, BC


  1. My gratitude to God that Carley’s, beautiful nature was obvious to all who met her.
    As Carley’s father I’m so proud of how powerful her radiance compelled people to find perfection reflected from her eyes.

  2. Carley and I fell out of touch, we met many years ago. I have only found this now. I’m sorry, Carley. I wondered where you went. I’ll live better for you.

    See you on the other side.


  3. Please accept my sincere sympathy for your devastating tragic loss of your loved one. Truly, she was an exceptional young person.
    I have lost loved ones in death and I can understand the pain and sadness you have. Please, allow me to share with you the comforting words that immensely encouraged me to go on.
    The Bible’s words in Job 14: 14 asks a profound question, “if a man(woman) dies can he(she) live again? I will wait…….until my relief comes. Verse 15 responds, “You will call, and I will answer you.”
    Yes, our loved ones return to life and will be able to enjoy life on a beautiful paradise earth.
    Please, know I share your pain. Please, I invite you to go to for comfort and hope for the future.

  4. I did not know Carley, but upon receiving an email from the faculty of Kinesiology I felt a great sadness wash over me. A loss of life is always so tragic and it saddens me to know that many people will be impacted by this. She sounded like a great person to be around. My condolences from a fellow UBC Kinesiology student.

  5. I knew Carley from my years at UBC and she was just such a great person, who made everyone’s lives she touched better. You couldn’t ask for more in a friend, and her joy and love of life were infectious and inspirational. She will be missed but not forgotten. My sincere condolences to her family and friends.

  6. I spent time with Carley only twice. Once in a short car ride to the airport, and again a month ago when we went to dinner to celebrate our shared birthday.

    Her spirit is indomitable. Her capacity to enjoy even the quaintest of occurrences is incredible. The joy and humor she spread could quash the common cold in its downright infectiousness. She was, and is, a pure joy. A pure spirit. A gift.

  7. We would like to extend our sincere condolences to Carley’s family and friends. Carley touched the lives of countless individuals during her studies at the University of British Columbia. We were extremely fortunate to get to know Carley. Carley was an exceptional student, but an even better person. All whom interacted with Carley noted her kindness and consideration for others. Carley was a trusted and valued member of our team who demonstrated caring and compassion beyond her years. Carley was extremely enthusiastic about helping others and endeared herself to patients and co-workers alike. Carley’s laughter and smile were contagious. She always found a way to brighten the days of others. Carley was particularly interested in addressing health inequities in Aboriginal peoples. She was a key member of our Aboriginal physical activity and health program, and worked throughout the province of BC with Aboriginal community leaders. Her work has received widespread acclaim and we are indebted to Carley’s legacy. She enriched all of our lives. We are sincerely sorrowful of Carley’s passing. Carley will be missed greatly; but never forgotten.


    Dr. Darren Warburton and Dr. Shannon Bredin, University of British Columbia

  8. Please except my deepest sympathies for your loss
    Kit touched many of us here with her infectious smile
    Every day as the work crews passed threw her First Aid room
    Kit was surly a very bright moment to all and will be deeply missed

  9. On behalf of myself and all employees of Canruss that were fortunate enough to have worked with or come across Carley our condolences to her family and friends.
    Since Carley started working for Canruss I have heard all these positive and inspiring things about her from her colleagues and the other contractors on the Chevron project.
    I was fortunate enough to meet Carley two weeks ago in Kitimat and it was clear to me that she was someone I wanted on my team for the duration of this project.
    Once again my condolences to her parents, other family members and friends on their loss of this wonderful young lady.

    Steven Ryder
    CEO – Canruss Medical

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