Kragh-Hansen, Gunnar

KRAGH-HANSEN WAugust 5, 1920 – June 22, 2015
at the age of 94 years

Born in Horsens, Denmark on Aug 5, 1920, he died in Salmon Arm on June 22, 2015 at the age of 94 years.

 Gunnar immigrated to Canada in 1965 and worked in the construction industry.  He is survived by his long-time companion Gertrude Aiple, her children, and grandchildren, and his son Ulrich (Ruth) in Denmark.

 Thank you to Shuswap Lake General Hospital ER staff, Dr. Grant McCallum and Fischer’s Funeral Services for their compassionate care.

 Gunnar wished to be cremated and return to his homeland. He did not want a memorial service.

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  1. Well Bestefar, I hope you find some measure of peace in death which eluded you in life.

    For the record, to anyone who cares, Gunnar was survived by two sons. Ulrich is the older son and remained in Denmark. Thorkil is the younger son and moved to Canada shortly after Gunnar.

    Gunnar is also survived by four grandchildren; Ulrich’s son Allan and Thorkil’s children Eric, Bjorn, & Dana.

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