Lund, Arvid

September 29, 1924 – August 8, 2012
at the age of 87 years


  1. I lived with Arvid for 3 years from 1975-78 aboard the Nyon, our sailboat. I was very young. Arvid introduced me to the Pacific northwest’s mountains, ocean, and the outside world. We had adventures hiking, cross-country skiing, we even almost sank once! Those 3 yrs were not always easy. My mother’s prayers brought me home safe. I do appreciate the experience, his teaching me and others. He was gifted in explaining terrestrial and celestial navigation so others could understand it. Once he took a class, but he ended up teaching it! Thank you Arvid for all the good things, your love, taking care of me. We used to read the Bible at home and up the mountain and pray together. Arvid had a very carnal side, but God says his grace is sufficient for us so I just pray that his heart was repentant and he was right with the Lord and he is in heaven.

  2. Arvid was a dear, fascinating man of great humour and kindness. I have missed his good conversation and twinkling smile. Until we meet again, Arvid.

  3. I had known Arvid for over 45 years and no one was less judgemental or more gentle than he. The world was a better place with him as a part of it.

  4. Arvid was my oldest brother, and I had contact with him very often. I miss him.

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