MacQuarrie, Daniel John

October 8, 1926 – November 6, 2021
at the age of 95 years:

       Daniel John MacQuarrie
Husband.  Dad.  Grandpa.  Uncle.  
My Dad was many things to many people. And I know that each of you hold many special memories of your time with him. Memories of family celebrations, gatherings with friends, birthdays, anniversaries, City Council.
Dan married Edna  Agatha Hartfelder on August the 9th 1950 . He was a corrosion engineer for Esso. He decided that there was more to life and became a Minster in 1966. The family came to Salmon Arm 1966 to practice their Christian Calling. Dan was instrumental along with his wife and Shirley Ehlers to get a no smoking by law  in Salmon Arm. From 1985 – 1988, he and Edna excepted an invitation  to assist the Methodist church in the Caribbean and the Americans .
When they came home Dan was still involved  in the ministry until he retired.
1989 he got involved with Habitat for Humanity and Rotary International.
On May the 11th 2013 Edna died. Leaving what should he do. He become involved  with the Truth and Reconciliation to build a fair country with a level playing field for everyone 
Predeceased by his mother Jane, father Roy John, brother George sisterJean, wife Edna, son Roy is survived by daughter in law Lisa, son Wayne(Glenda) & daughter Carolynn,  grandchildren; Jason, Melissa, Crystal, Sharmon, Amy, Stephen & great granddaughters Tristan, Gracie & great grandsons David and Joshua.


  1. Will miss Dan and his email messages. From a small child, I always knew Dan and Edna, as uncle and aunty . I loved them both . Dan was always giving helpful advice, meant so much to me, especially the trekking poles. even told me where to get the best deals. And yes, Dan if you can hear me up in heaven, I will use them this summer, I promise.

  2. I first met Dan at church when I came home from on vacation from work in Ontario to visit my parents. Dan and Edna become good friends with them and I kept track on Dan’s work in the community through my subscription to the Salmon Arm Observer. When I returned to live in Salmon Arm in 2007 and was living on my own, Dan and Edna invited me for dinner and evenings of conversation.In some sense they became my home away from home. Dan had many passions and causes and other have referred to his work to end smoking in public places and to convince and support public institutions and businesses to install a device that assists those with hearing aids to hear well. Dan had strong opinions and was always willing to share them!

    One little story, my father and Dan were both stalwarts in the United Church. The were concerned about each other and to be sure that they would get together in Heaven, they had an agreement. The agreement was that the one who got there first, would be there to give their friend a hand up! I am sure that both of them had every intension to honour that agreement.

    I wish the best for all of Dan’s family and friends.

  3. A visionary, who lived his life in the service of others Dan worked to make his community better place for all.

    Always pushing himself to learn, Dan embraced the technological changes of the times and never missed a beat.

    Dan was, warm, kind, engaging and selfless.

    I enjoyed many walks with Dan and I have always come away inspired.

    I admired Dan’s zest for life, his positive outlook, his unwavering belief in the goodness in people.

    I miss that razor sharp wit

    Walk good Dan

  4. Dan made the world a better place not only through his activism, but by blessing us with his warm and loving personality. I will always remember his smile. He was a wise man, a deep thinker, an engaging conversationalist. He lived with passion. His was truly a life well-lived. My deepest condolences to his family and friends.

  5. I’ve heard it said when your work on earth is done you shed these earthly bonds.
    Your true self, the self that’s made in the image of God, flies to the home from which it came.
    There, free from pain and sorrow, not only do you get to reunite with loved ones who have gone before,
    but you continue, in Grace, to gently guide those of us still here, with lessons to learn and work to do.
    We can continue on the paths Dan has broken for us, cross the bridges he built long before many of us could contemplate
    the future of society, and carry on the lessons he taught.
    If you are very still…… you will feel his guidance……. urging you to look beyond today and work for the generations
    who follow.
    You are marked in my heart Dan’el….. your star will continue to shine brightly.
    Phyllis Britton

  6. From Friday AM tribute and comments

    Dan MacQuarrie, one of Salmon Arm’s original social activists, has joined his wife and son in the great beyond, at age 95. He began a lonely crusade against secondhand tobacco smoke in public places when he was an alderman some decades ago, and he never gave up that fight until it finally came to be. Smoking in restaurants, workplaces, homes and even doctor’s\offices seemed like just the way it was. Dan annoyed some with his persistence, but saw a future that others could not see. Now virtually no one looks back anymore to public spaces choked with smoke. He later successfully lobbied to bring assisted listening devices to public places like churches and council chambers. Dan was a generous contributor to the Community Foundation, and a tireless advocate for global peace and First Nations justice. He was a pastor, a master wood turner and a friend to many. Thank you for your service and visionary ways, Dan. May you rest in peace.

    Erik Bjorgan
    Aww. He was a special guy, that Dan.

    Lawrence Williams
    Well done thou good and faithful servant. RIP.

    Nancy Cannon
    Oh! This makes me so sad..a very special man!

    Shelley Elizabeth Hucul
    I met Dan when I was 18. Our family loved Dan MacQuarrie; he was the United Church minister (For both our Hucul and Cave families.) I was privileged to be on email terms with Dan. His soul was huge and he was ahead of his time. He will be so missed but… See more

    Sarah Bradshaw
    He did a lot of good things for a loy of people….RIP

    Judy Southwick
    I went to school with his son. In later years I met Dan at his home when we donated some large chunks of wood he needed for his bowl turnings. We admired his work and noted he kept his hobby area immaculate. Later again met him at Lakeside Manor wher… See more

    Monica Kriese
    He was an amazing person and wonderful ambassador for our community. When I was in hospital seven years ago, his wife shared a room with me and they were both so entertaining and included me in many a conversation about our community and life in genera… See more

    Kate Bischke
    So very very sorry to hear this! Loved him dearly…. He made an incredible and lasting impression on my life rest in peace Dan…

    Colette M Mann
    privilege to have met him

    Joan Chadwick
    Sad to hear this. He was a neighbour when my kids were growing up. He had a long and interesting life.

    Rochelle Marr
    Dan and Edna were one of the first people to visit us at the Holland House appts when we first moved to Salmon Arm. They made us feel welcomed. Those were the days when there was a Welcome Wagon committee.

    Sharon Langlois
    A kind and generous citizen. Rest In Peace.

    George Douglas Annala
    He was an amazing fellow. He was the United Church Reverand who officiated our marriage in 1967. He also did counselling for us before we got married.

    Sandra de Boer
    We got to know Dan a little when he was in Piccadilly Terrace at the same time as our Mom de Boer. He was so interesting to listen to. He was a very gracious and classy man. Condolences to his family.

    Lawren Richards
    I’m so sorry to hear this; Dan was amazing.

    Bob Boxall
    He was a good man with a sharp mind, a caring heart and tons of talent and drive. He always had a soul-driven purpose to his being. I was lucky to spend many hours at the end of the wharf chatting when Dan took his daily walk.
    I was never more honour… See more

    Nancy Cooper
    I miss him

    Sylvia Lindgren
    So sad to see Dan is gone. He was always willing to give me advice when I got elected. A wise man.

    Leah Shaw
    Dan will be missed by so many. He never stopped learning and sharing. I’m privileged to be able to call him a friend.

    Bonnie Thomas
    Loss of an Elder is always hard. Condolences to his Family and close Friends. A very kind man with a huge heart.

  7. Dan Macquarrie, my ex father in law . My friend ,thank you for always making me and others feel loved and respected. Also going above and beyond the vision of most people in the later years of life . You were a man ahead of your time and will be remembered for all you have done. Rest In Peace Gramps I’m sure Grams is happy to have you by her side again .Our sincere condolences to the Macquarrie family , love Dwayne and Valerie Bell ❤️

  8. My relationship with Dan has been a long one, and one that I will forever cherish. As a minister in the United Church, Dan led our regular church services and sometimes our Sunday School classes. My sister and I were baptized in 1967 by Dan and he kept track of me for decades. He officated at both my parents funerals and married Pamela and I in 1985. And several times over the years he would knock on our door on our anniversary and tell us that he was thinking of us. Dan did not just talk about the things he thought were important – he did the things that were in important. Salmon Arm has lost a truly thoughtful and kind man, one who was always looking for the right and good thing to do. I know so many will miss him. Our thoughts are with the family and we send to you our love. Ken and Pamela Jamieson

  9. November 12, 2021

    A man with such a drive to LIVE and make a difference in his world. He saw great hope in the making of a better world for everyone, and he had such a respect for his first Nations brothers and sisters. It is hard to realize that he is no longer out there walking straight and tall, and enjoying the city he loved.
    Till we meet again, dear friend, Dan.

  10. RIP Daniel, I’m so fortunate to have had the honor of caring for you. I’ll miss you my friend.

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