Marchessault, Dennis Gerard

January 3, 1954 – November 24, 2022
at the age of 68 years


  1. I’m still in shock forgive me for that please Melinda , Dennis was my friend ,he was the reason I can pipeline, I wish I would have been a better friend ,he certainly was to me ,I will always miss him ,expecialy how he could make me laugh I mean it ,he was the. Smartest guy I knew in the realm of life from the 70,,s up , his sense of humour was the best , there is a serious side as we all know , and he did that right also. , Building a outstanding home for him and his Melinda , surpassing all.expectations and inspecting the pipeline ,up to chief inspect all that made him such a hero. In my eyes. , His biggest rule ,provide and please the.littke wife Yes dear was his answer he told me once , but Melinda’ his humours side OM he could make me ponder. Even now as I write this a smile that I dont or didn’t expect came over me. I talked to him.that day. I didn’t want to call I wanted him to call me and I waited. Melinda I’m so sorry but I’m still waiting. Sorry il miss him so much forever in my heart Denny forever

  2. It has been such a pleasure in my life to have been in Dennis’ orbit. Thoughtful, funny, ambitious, driven, he was a guy that was easy to admire. His unique take on the general state of affairs was so entertaining and so Dennis. A treasured friend, the wonderful memories left behind will always be cherished. Godspeed Denny.

  3. Our deepest condolences to Melinda on the loss of her much loved husband Dennis. Our love and thoughts are with you at this most difficult time.

  4. I knew you for but a mare moment in time but your impact was vast, you always greeted me with a smile to let me know that we are to always be happy in life, you will be missed Sir Dennis rest easy

  5. It is with absolute pride that I get to say I knew you and worked with you.

    I remember clearly one morning we were sitting in the office waiting for a meeting to start when I heard a laugh – as I looked over at you, you were shaking your head, and smiling ! I couldn’t help but ask what you were thinking about, to which you replied you remembered being at a Hendrix concert and while waiting for the band to start, you saw a man crawl into a speaker and you were wondering if that man could still hear! Ha!

    I am so very thankful for our many conversations, and as an old cat skinner I hope that you keep those paths bladed for us!

    Rest in peace.

  6. My dear brother Dennis, you are the most amazing, loving, kind and generous person that anyone knew and loved. Your smile and laughter will be missed everyday. Our hearts are broken without you. How fortunate we were to have you in our lives, a wonderful brother and son. You don’t have to worry about your darling Melinda, we will protect, support, love and comfort her always. Fondest memories forever! Love you.

  7. Melinda, So very sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time. Thinking of you.

  8. We were overwhelmed with sadness learning of Dennis’s rapidly progrssing illness. Gratefulness soon took over the sadness, grateful that he did not suffer long, grateful that I was able to have you as a dear friend for almost a half of a century. Grateful that you met and introduced us to the love of your life. Grateful that we are now blessed to have Melinda as a dear friend. Dennis was a kind, compassionate, loyal, light up the room with his infectious sense of humour friend that will forever be in our hearts and missed more that words can say

  9. Kenny and Dolly said it best when they sang the song “You can’t make OLD FRIENDS”. We will miss you Dennis.

  10. I was so privileged to have known Dennis. He was so funny, smart, kind and generous. A man who loved his family and friends. Dennis absolutely adored his wife, Melinda, it was a love and respect that anyone could see. You are missed so much

  11. you were my best friend, my right arm man, and my life counsellor I will miss the many discussions we had over the years, Dennis you were a legend and have touched many hearts that will never forget you
    Rest in peace my friend and save me a ride in your Chevelle for when the time comes for me to Join you

  12. Dear Sweet Melinda
    Your Dennis was a remarkable man – a devoted, encouraging, and loving husband, a son and brother who adored his family, a friend that was loyal, kind and generous. Jack and I are so deeply sorry for the loss of your beloved husband. Our hearts and love are with you and your families.

  13. Melinda, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. My thoughts and well wishes go out to you and your family. Take care of yourself.

  14. Dennis,
    Such a generous, caring and devoted soul. Your kindheartedness reaches far and wide. You will be forever in our hearts.

  15. You will be missed Dennis

  16. I am deeply saddened by the loss we all share. A dear cousin and best friend I will never forget the fond memories of Dennis. He was one of the funniest people to be around. He was able to effortlessly make everyone else have a good time. Dennis, wherever you are, you will always be in my heart.

  17. I will dearly miss the quick wit and off beat humour that made my friend special

  18. It has been a pleasure and honour to know you. You have been friendly and kind to me all these times. All were much appreciated.

  19. I cannot find words to express how saddened I am at the loss of this gentle and wonderful soul, Dennis Marchessault. Nor for the comforts I wish to express to his wife, my beautiful friend Melinda. And so, I share the words of R. A. Melos on this heartbreaking occasion. May you find comfort in knowing how deeply you are both loved.

    Time is ours, but only fleeting,
    hear the wings of eternity beating,
    soon enough we’ll all be meeting,
    and each of us merrily greeting.
    ~ R. A. Melos

  20. A wonderful friend of over 62 years. Never ceased to amaze me with his unique insight into life Goodbye my brother I’ll miss you.

  21. Your passing will leave us truly at a loss as you were a very kind gentle loving nephew. Our love always
    Auntie Lee Parent

  22. My life ,my whole heart, my most wonderful and biggest love … I will miss you and love you until the day I die. How very lucky I was to share life with you and be your wife .

  23. A beloved nephew…gone too soon. We will miss you Dennis.

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