McCarvill, Louise Marie

1936 – September 21, 2019
at the age of 83 years

Celebration of Life: Monday, October 7, 2019, 1 p.m., Fischer’s Funeral Services, Salmon Arm, BC
Chaplain Bill Kiesman officiating

Louise Marie McCarvill created her first noise as a Milner in June of 1936, her last sadly came in the dark early morn of September 21, 2019.  In late 1954 my life came to the point where my heart was pierced by soft arrows of love…entered straight to my beating heart.  The piercings were done with care and with love such that no other could be my glove.  Somewhere after our first meet your spiralling love entwined about my soul, so together we could find our own special goal.  Troubles we found and pleasures were too, but the troubles spun away as our spiralling love wound much faster around our own created electric love to dispel memories of troubled minds.  The fire we employed brought forth a darling little Susan child who soon grew into not only a daughter but also a friend…just like her soon to arrive, little sister Lisa.  Was it Susan’s antics and needs that caused a sister to become another who was fed in her high chair, while jealousy sprang from she…not being fed?  Who really knows, but their happy growing together became pierced with a scream as a young brother entered the scene.  A Rodger-being began to grow to become a young brother who liked to give us a shove.  All of this was done with a mother’s love.  While I was mostly off building things so we all could grow, but the most important part of my and our children’s life was your care and love we all could wear like a glove.  Thank you and your spirit, my love, for guiding us all onto where we now live.  As we stay behind you have been apprenticed as an Angel with love.  Many may now feel the slight nudge to their heart as you direct them to show others their own true love.  You have left us with your sweet love.  It shall always be a hold together bond.  Thank you my dearest ever friend.  You have left me with children and with children of theirs…all surrounded with your sweet love.  While you did leave here first you have also left behind your younger sister Vivian and her family too.  I leave to you my love from your husband and friend:  Eddie R. McCarvill

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  1. I love you Grandma. You will be missed

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