Preston, Donalda Marjory

May 20, 1931 – February 27, 2012
at the age of 80 years

Memorial information to follow


  1. Please accept my sincere condolences. May you find comfort and hope in the words of Revelation 21:4 when “death will be no more, nor mourning, nor pain be anymore…”

  2. I want to send my condolences out to the Preston family. In the short time that I got to know her, she was an amazing and wonderful lady. She was my next door neighbor, litterly not that far from me. She was a friendly lady, always kept to herself, and was always out doing the gardening, and smiled at me all the time as I walked my dog. It’s sad that sickness takes our loved ones. She will be difintely missed, and saddens me that she passed away as I was just getting to know her, same with my Mom as well. May she rest in peace. <3 <3

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