Purves, Marguerite Nora Yvonne

January 27, 1920 – July 20, 2012
at the age of 92 years

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  1. Dear Mike,
    Thank you for including me with your visit with Rosalie.

    I met your Margarite only in about 2002, – and as we lived only a few blocks from each other, out in Raven, and I got to see she and George fairly often. We got to know each other better through the Probus Club, – and often had good discussions and laughter with the group we joined.
    As both your Mom and George started to become less active, – their neighbours and several of us who knew them, – tried to give needed support. I used to bring children of a friend of mine to visit with them too, and they enjoyed that.
    I regreted having to move to Calgary, – and so only saw them a couple of times a year when I was back visiting. They were very determined (as you know) to continue to live in their home, even though they were so at risk. It must have been hard for you to watch them do that too!

    Mike, – your Mom had a very interesting life, – and last evening when I was with the Probus club for a get-together, – many were saying that they hoped that a short written article about her life could be obtained and we could put it out in our Probus newsletter. Would you be able to send us (…ie. via Rosalie, or Bernice )
    a short summary of some sort ?

    Your Mom was very proud of you Mike, – and she spoke of you with great love.
    She enjoyed the flowers and plants that you sent and brought, – and your love meant so much to her.
    I believe that she is now at peace and seeing all the answers to all the questions her intelligent mind always had.

    God bless, dear Mike,-

    Pat Mearns

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