Sanderson, Lawrence Walter

December 28, 1924 – June 18, 2019
at the age of 94 years

Lawrence Walter Sanderson passed away June 18, 2019 at the age of 94 at his home in Shuswap Lake Estates, BC
Walt was born December 28th, 1924 in Taber, Alberta.  He lived and worked in Calgary for many years, prior to moving to Anglemont in 1992, where he built our home from the ground up.  He lived a happy and healthy life, always the gentleman and was loved by all he came in touch with.  He always had a kind word and smile for everyone.
Walt was predeceased by his daughter Carolyn (Mike), Roselyn and son Bob (Gloria).   He leaves his loving wife, Nadene, his children, Marilyn, Linda (Herb), Gerry (Debbie), Betty (Geoff), Wayne (Bev), Geri (John), Cheryl (Shawn), Laurie (Brad), Dave (Cathy), Sandra, Vic Smith and many grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces and nephews.
We were truly blessed to have had him with us for so many years.
He will be greatly missed by family, friends and especially his wife, Nadene.  Rest in Peace, my Love.


  1. Nadine sorry for you loss. Walter was a wonderful father in law. He will be missed.

  2. Nadine so sorry for your loss. We will all miss his loving smile, his little jokes. He was a very talented man, able to fix most things.He will be greatly missed.

  3. To all my loving family and to Nadene for all her loving, and compassionate care of my wonderful Dad.
    All of our hearts are broken with the loss of you. Thank you for all the great memories you, and Nadene
    have shared to all over the years. Time will help heal, but know , you have always had a special place
    in my heart. Don’t worry all of your family will look after Nadene. I’ve treasured the time we spent together,
    and don’t worry some chocolate is on it’s way when I hug you again in heaven. Rest in peace, the best dad
    in the world. I want you to know, living on Vancouver Island you were my pearl in a oyster. Sending healing prayers, and love to all. xoxo

  4. Walter will be greatly missed by all of us, Brad has been reminencing about when he first came into our family how Walter took him under his wing and taught him everything he knew about building and repairing things which Brad used that knowledge daily. We both love you and you will be missed

  5. Dad, Many days went by without seeing or speaking with each other. I was so looking forward to visiting you in July but it was not to be. I know that you were aware, however, that you were always in my heart and that the love I felt for you was overwhelming. The last few years our visits with you and Nadene were always a blast. I will forever remember the fun that was had playing the boardgames, teasing each other and building forever memories. I am grateful to Nadene for the wonderful care that she provided you. This allowed us more time to enjoy your sense of humour, your kindness and your love. Rest in peace my beautiful Dad. You will be deeply missed.

  6. My wonderful husband, Walt. I’ve had a little time to reflect on our long, loving relationship. We were so fortunate to have had each other and to have actually liked one another after 52 years. You were my friend, my love, my rock to lean on when times got rough and we weathered it all because of our love for each other. Now, it’s time for me to stand on my own, by myself, but I know you’ll be watching over to help me if I falter. Our family, yours and mine combined and. our friends will keep your memory alive with laughter of shared, crazy anecdotes, your love of yodeling at the most inappropriate times, your flirtatious goings on with the wonderful care aides that came to help you and ultimately me. I’m praying you were greeted with the open arms of your Mom and Dad, Dorothy, your children, Carolyn, Roselyn Bob, your brother Gordon, your sister, Florence, brother-in-law, Ford. I believe there’s a wonderful reunion happening in Heaven right now and one day, we will meet again.
    May you rest in peace, my Love. I will never forget you and our wonderful life together. Nadene

  7. Nadene, Kim & I are so very sorry for your loss, you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. I would have liked to get to know Walt a bit better in his heyday as I think by the sounds of it, he had a similar nature to all of us Moe guys. Fixing things and little projects on the go, always willing to help each other out, as best as we could manage at least. From what I have read, it sounds like Walt was that person! I was glad to see both of you at the last Christmas Ornament Exchange where many of the family were able to meet both of you for the first time and a reunion in others. I know it was probably a little overwhelming for Walt and you, but what an experience for all of us! Keep strong and rely on your family, the memories are there to give you strength. Don & Kim

  8. Dad, I miss you so much and cherish all of the experiences and memories that we shared together. I was always so proud to say that I had 2 Dad’s and I have been honoured to call you my Dad.
    Love you

  9. Dad, I will miss you for the rest of my life. I can’t even begin to express how much I love you.
    From the first bowl of ice cream we shared when I was first born in the hospital to the days you would come home and ask mom why there was no ice cream in the house because “me and my girl need ice cream every day”.
    You took me fishing and taught me everything you knew about it (I still remember you and mom telling me the story where I caught my first fish and cried “Daddy Daddy me tinks me caught a pish!!!”).
    You played ball with me every day if I wanted to on the boulevard in Calgary, and came to all my ball games that you were home for because you knew how much I loved the things that you loved and both you and mom encouraged me to be the best I could be.
    And what little girl can tell stories about going trucking with her dad? I can, because I got to go trucking with you all the time. I have so many special memories to cherish! Including how we got Hobo from the mean people in Ft Saskatchewan and you helped me talk mom into keeping my new best friend!
    Annual family vacations, I remember the looooong motorhome trips, Hawaii, Disneyland, Mexico, Arizona, etc and camping…some of my most cherished memories were our camping trips. I even remember helping you shingle the garage in the Shuswap and I have the scar to prove it on my leg when you lifted me up onto the roof and a shingle cut me deep, but you and mom knew how to make it all better…I think Ice cream may have been a big help!
    When I bought my first car (Baby Blue 1970 VW Bug) you did all the work that I needed to it, spending hours upon hours making sure it was a safe and reliable vehicle for me to drive. You learned everything there was to learn about VW beetles so that you could work on my heating system, rebuild my engine, all of it!
    Then when I bought my first house you helped with every aspect (electrical, insulation, framing, drywall, mudding, roofing). You were always there to teach and help us in every aspect of our renos and never expected anything in return, except maybe a hot lunch which we always made sure to supply!
    You and Mom were there for me through every step in my life, and even as an adult I still rely on my rocks, Mom and Dad. I don’t know what I will do without you, Dad… I love you more than you will ever know, thank you for always being there for me and being the understanding, loving, caring person that you always were. I will always remember how you say “as long as you are happy honey, that’s all that counts. You will always be my special girl”. It goes both ways Dad, you will always be remembered, you are my special Dad and I love and miss you. When I’m feeling sad, I know where to find you because you are in my heart, always and forever.

  10. So sorry to hear about Walter, Nadine. Mom and I just found out today. A very glad he lived a long happy life, have many great memories of him.

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