Smidesang, Johan Bernhard

December 15, 1933 – April 9, 2012
at the age of 78 years


  1. Kjære Inger og øvrig familie!
    Det var trist og høre om Johan’s bortgang. Kondolerer.

  2. Oh my…we are so sorry to learn of Johan’s passing! We are out of the loop so to speak and only learned of this today…We would have loved to pay our respects to his family. He was such a special man ready with a smile and always a pleasure to be around. The evidence of his love for his family was always apparent. He and Iinga raised such amazing daughters, all of those we have met are strong and loving and intelligent. We will remember him in our hearts and prayers.

    with love and respect,
    Tom Mc Cluskey and Joanne Dunbar

  3. Ingeburg, I learn from Severin about John passing away. I am very sorry getting this message! John and I found a good tone from the first time we met. Moosehunting up in Clinton, driving along the shoreside in Vancouver looking at sites, having a good laugh over a drink or meeting in Norway. Whatever or where ever, we would allways have an enjoyable time together. Maybe we shall see you next time we are in Vancouver or maybe in Opphus!
    All the best wishes and condolences
    Olav Sverre

  4. Dear Ingeburg, Sabrina, Marina, Irene and Anita w/ families,

    It was with deep sorrow that we learned of Johan’s sudden passing yesterday. Thank you for advising us Irene, and Berit and I reminisced about our great friendship and good times.
    Johan was a dear friend and we certainly had great times together with you Ingeburg. We are grieving with all of you.

    I am glad Berit and I were able to spend some time with Johan last autumn, when we had time to talk Norwegian and talk about the old days in Norway and West Vancouver. It was a sunny day with reflecting snow crystals of the fresh snow when the scenery were the best. Although his recent memories were not as they used to be, the earlier times he still remembered clearly.

    Ingeburg you looked after Johan very well, so he was in great physical shape but we saw that he was a little difficult to control as his mind was failing.
    So when he finally was able to get into a senior facility, it was good news for all.

    Our thought go to you first and foremost Ingeburg, as you provided Johan with the best life anybody could. Johan often told us how much he loved and appreciated you. Our thoughts go to the four girls and their families. Johan was a proud father, grandfather and great grandfather, and always talked about how to be the best provider. “Jeg har jo a’ Ingeburg og ho vet hva som er best.” – was his comments.

    We will try to come up to Vernon this spring or summer, og visit with you Ingeburg, but remember we also have a bed for you down in Vancouver when you want to travel!

    All the best wishes and condolences
    Berit, Severin, Leif and Fredrik

  5. I am sad but know this family is strong and they will survive and he was an amazing man that has many amazing offspring, When I first met John and Inga through Irene I always admired John and both of them and all they had been through, and his success came from the inside he made everyone laugh and be accountable. God Bless him and all the family, Hugs. always in my heart laurel. I am very proud to be part of this family

  6. Dear Ingeburg, Irene and Anita,

    It was really sad to hear about Johan’s death. We really liked and appreciated Johan a lot. He was always very kind, sporty, engaged and funny – we always laughed a lot with Johan. This is how we will remember him.

    The easter holidays at Mykleseter/Faavang/Norway when you were there were always very funny. We are really glad that we now have your cabin at Mykleseter which we call “Johan-hytta”. Spending our holidays in the cabin makes us remember and think of you and Johan.

    We can image that it must be a really difficult time for you now.
    We hope that you can find strength in each other during this time.

    Thinking of you!
    Einar Ole, Kristin, Hedda and Nora

  7. Dear Irene, your news has brought tears to my eyes, for I always felt Johan and I were soul mates. It must be so
    distressing for all of you particularly Inga, our thoughts go out to you. Only wished we lived nearer.
    Johan passing away is a blessing in disguise. Please accept following item :

    – In God’s Garden
    God looked around his garden and found an empty space.
    He then looked down upon the earth and saw your tired face.
    He put His arms around you and lifted you out to rest.
    God’s garden must be beautiful for he only takes the best.
    He knew that you were suffering. He knew you were in pain.
    He knew you would never get well upon the earth again.
    He saw the roads were getting rough and the hills were hard to climb.
    So he closed your weary eyes and whispered ‘peace be thine’.
    It broke our hearts to lose you but you did not go alone,
    for part of us went with you The day God called you home. All my love Norman…………………….

  8. Dear Inga, Anita and family,

    We are so very sorry to hear about Johan. I would Like to extend our sincere sympathy to you and your family on the passing of such an amazing man. We have so many fond memories of such a remarkable man and we will be forever grateful for them. Johan will always hold a very special place in our hearts.

    Warmest regards,
    Archie, Candy, Carrie, Courtenay and A.J Woodworth

  9. Johan passed away the second Day of Easter, April 9, 2012. His passing into freedom was swift, and from reading his face he went peacefully. He had been having some struggles since Christmas, some days were more difficult than others, but he was like a bird in a cage, and longed for the freedom his dementia did not allow him any longer. He tried the doors and windows, and as his daughters said “Dad now got his way, he could not leave through either doors or windows, but he still got his way, he is now free. “

    Johan picked a beautiful sunny day to depart; he was just in time for spring, to be able to do his walks outside the jails of his mind. We have chosen to have a Celebration of his life at home, because Inga, his wife of over 50 years wants family and friends to gather at a place he was familiar, since the last 3 months he was unable to stay in his home.
    He lived a long and good life. He grew up on a farm in Norway, in a large family of 12, mom, dad, and 10 kids him included. Early on he left home, to go to school, and later he went to Canada, eventually returning to Norway to take over one of his father’s sawmills. He took it from barely making it to a thriving business, one of the few that still is doing well in Norway today. While in Canada he tested his wings eventually becoming a Ski jumping Champion.

    Johan returned to Canada in 1980, never really settling back in in Norway, he had tasted the freedom that Canada had to offer him. He always liked to feel free, regarding boundaries to both country and politics, so for him having disease hamper his freedom, was very tough on him, so today we are joined in the celebration that he again is free. His spirit is now without boundaries of any kind.

    He has finally attained the ultimate freedom. We shall all one day meet again.
    Gone Away
    © Diana Blokzyl

    An Angel whispered
    take my hand and
    come with me
    you’re work here is done.

    I went away to a place
    where there’s no tears, nor sorrow
    only laughter and smiles,
    there will always be a Tomorrow.

    As I move amongst the clouds.
    I’ll look down and smile upon you,
    while the angels
    sing a heavenly song.

    I am not alone
    all who went before
    are here
    they awaited my return.

    I know you’ll grieve
    and wish I was still here
    I am here in the memories
    you hold dear.

    Remember how much I
    love you
    and know I took your
    love with me.

    I did not wish for
    you to cry, nor feel sad.
    My pain is gone and
    I am Free!

    Soon you’ll come to me
    until then
    God will be with you
    Just as He’s with me.

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