Stewart, Margaret Anne Ruth

February 26, 1933 – November 16, 2020
at the age of 87 years

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  1. Dearest Marg ,WE miss you so bad we didn’t get to say good bye? You are forever in our hearts so ALWAYS will be thought of. Please take care and hug all our puppies yours and mine until we join you too. I just got a brand new baby today. You would love her she is a tiny female Chocolate Chihuahua named Coco like little Bobby was when he was still alive. Please give us a sign from time to time just to touch base OK. Love LOVE LOVE you ALWAYS! I found my real birth Father and so wanted to tell you. His name was Keith C. Smith he is a famous Canadian Artist sadly he passed in 2000. It’s so exciting to finally know my roots and just to belong! Best part of all is I have an older half brother younger born the same year as me and both a younger half brother and half sister too and they call me Sister :-). Please know you will always be known as the most nicest and most generous person we will ever know! WHO else can save a skunk and baby birds and just about anything !!!!! LOVE YOU FOREVER and EVER, Lots Of Love and Forever Prayers Wendy & Ken Kuchta and family too XOXO and BOBBY he will be 16 in July 🙂 you raised him!

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