Studd, Julian Peter

April 12, 1947 – October 16, 2016
at the age of 69 years


  1. Was Julian the son of Sir Peter Studd?

  2. My husband, John Roslington Cramsie, (deceased) was God Father to Julien. Julien visited us in Nova Scotia many times on his trips in this Province. I only found out of his death this week. He told us of his wife Val, and his life in B.C. My condolences to the family and to his daughter, Kathy. I would be so please to talk with them.

    My address; 4 Ramsgate Lane, Halifax, N.S. B3P 2R8 Tel. 902-477-8789

  3. My father, I believe, was a very good man at heart. He was honest, selfless, hard-working and loyal, perhaps to a fault. While he unfortunately didn’t give himself permission to pursue his own interests and dreams, he was committed to providing comfort to others. Dad, I love you and hope that you now get to sail into the sunset finally.

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