Tessier, Marlene Gail

June 14, 1960 – December 21, 2016
at the age of 56 years



  1. I love you mom. I want you to know that everything is ok. I’m holding the world together for you. I will be there for all those that you loved. They can lean on me, and I will hold them up for you. You can count on me mom. I will take your place in this difficult world. And its ok. I’m so strong. Just like you were. You gave that to me. Its your legacy. I miss you so very much. Your smile, your laugh, your humor, your love. Please say hello to God for me, because I love him and miss him terribly as well. Please tell him to give me strength in this crazy world. Talk to you soon mom. I love you. This is not a good bye.

  2. Marlene I had loved u n will always miss u, we had our ups n downs but we managed to find each other n we tried again, ur a wonderful person n hopefully one day we could meet again as I have a void knowing we won’t b trying anymore until we meet

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