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Maria Otting
Maria Otting
22:14 01 Dec 19
When the shocking and sad time arrives, Vince will guide you seamlessly through the process. I highly recommend the... caring, professional service of Fischer’s, they could not have done a better job. Thank you so much❤️read more
Denise Ramsay
Denise Ramsay
22:00 06 Dec 18
Recently, my mom passed away suddenly in Palm Springs, California. My dad was devastated with grief, but he had some... amazing friends nearby who helped him thru the process. In order to start that process, they needed the name of a funeral service in Salmon Arm that the people in the states could be in contact with about the handling of the remains. One of the friends recommended Fischer's Funeral Services, so they were called and They were amazing..they handled all the paperwork and kept in close contact with both the funeral homes and the people dealing with certificates and such. They will also help the spouse with some paperwork regarding taxes if necessary. When my father and I went to see them regarding my mother's wishes, they were so accommodating and did not hesitate to do everything they could to make this as pleasant as they possibly could. We even changed our minds a few times about things at the last minute, and they made it all happen just the way we wanted. My mother didn't have the usual service and it was the best choice we could have made for her and Fischer's did everything to make the day absolutely beautiful from the room setup to the layout of the flowers and urn. They also supplied all the little stuff that you don't even think about in a time like that( paper plates, cutlery, coffee, tea, etc...) and it took a giant load off of my mind so I could concentrate on making this the best send off I could for my mom and for that, I will be forever grateful. I am quite bad to judge how much food and such to get for events , we had way, way too much leftover, but I felt happy about it because I knew it wouldn't go to waste. It gets donated to the local Women's shelter and so I feel that even though my mom is gone, she is still giving to others, and that is the best feeling. I was amazed at the cost of the service. I have heard horror stories about the thousands and thousands of dollars it can cost and I was concerned because of the situation in dealing with the US that the cost would be one of those stories, but that was the most reasonable cost I have ever seen, and a house will not have to be mortgaged to pay for it ... 😊 A BIG shout out to Fischer's for all you did for me and my father and may the Heavens bless you both!read more
Andrea Lee
Andrea Lee
00:43 30 Sep 18
Vince the owner assured us he would submit all paper work for the death benefit and survivor CPP.He told us he does... this as a service because he said he deals with this all the time and knows what all is required to get it processed quickly. Well for us all it did was complicate matters as Vince failed to submit the correct paperwork. When we approached him he said he would make it right. Failed again so now we will do it ourselves . I would never recommend this place.read more
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