Townsend, John David “Tjac”

February 14, 1936 – May 18, 2022
at the age of 86 years:     

Our family is sad to announce that Tjac passed at Mt Ida Mews on May 18 ,2022 with Laurene at his side and friend Lou.

He is survived by his loving wife Laurene, stepdaughter Laurie (Shelton) and grandson Isaak who he adored.

Tjac had a career of 25 years in RCAF, many years overseas where he was a member of Special Investigations Unit mostly in Germany and France and “wherever they sent me.“   He was very proud of those years and missed them.

Tjac and Laurene moved to a Tappen in 2006 where he started a Bluegrass beginner jam at Carlin Hall in 2007.  Through the years a Village of players were created and many strong friendships formed to this day.  His talent as a musician were outstanding.  Having taught at many camps throughout BC.  He was a fine gentleman, soft spoken and was kind to all.

Thank you to Mt Ida Mews staff, your care and management is outstanding…The Special Girls who cared for him…he truly meant it when he told you “I just love you” daily.  Thank you.

Tjac never wanted to be in the Spotlight.  He gave all the kudos to others.  So at this time no service will be held.

Hug one another and Be Kind…Hugs are free! 



  1. Laurene, I was sorry to read of Tjac’s passing. I hope that you are okay! It takes time to grieve, but do it at your own pace! Only you can be the judge of your own feelings.
    I know that Carl & Marg enjoyed Tjac’s talent and friendship. Take care my friend. Stay strong.
    He will definately be missed by you and many others.
    Much love,
    Karen Stingel

  2. Dear Laurene: My heartfelt love to you in the passing of your love, Tjac. Such a dear and kind gentleman. He always encouraged me with my music. My Ray Jamieson thought the world of him. Ray always said of Tjac “so much talent and how he quietly shared, taught and encouraged all” As you say “Tjac never wanted to be in the Spotlight” , but to many he was a “Shining Light”. I remember he came to visit Tom and I, years ago and talked of the his career in RCAF..Such a good human being!
    He will be missed. Thinking of you with love, Laurene and family.

    Ann & (Ray) Jamieson.

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