Whyte, Leonard “James”

January 30, 1960 – August 1, 2012
at the age of 52 years


  1. You have me mixed up with our brother, Bill and his family. I live in Manitoba.

    Jim passed away with cancer. And my brother, Bill passed away Oct. 30 of this year.

  2. Hello, Norma! I am so sorry……I had no idea that Jim had passed. He and I were close friends a very long time ago. I do not know if you remember me but we stayed at your house in Kamloops and I believe you are married to his older brother? What happened, I am very shocked and I did not know that his Mom had passed as well. How old was his Dad when he passed, he must have been up there. You had little kids back then (this was in the early ’80’s) I think I have some pics of them in your guys’ pool??? I had my little dog there too (Tiffy). Not sure if you remember me but thought as I read the Obits from 2012 (as my Mom passed last year as well), that I would pass on my condolences. Please let me know what happened. I have lots of pictures of Jim and his Yellow Dodge that maybe you might like to keep. Take care! ~ Laurie.

  3. Jim was my “little brother”. Our Mom passed away in 1209 and our Dad passed away 32 days after Jim. Jim and I talked for hrs on the computer and texted. When I would come for a visit he and I would sit outside and talk and look at the Shuswap. My heart is broken and I miss him so much.

  4. Re: Jim’s Passing

    Please pass along my condilences to Jim’s folks, I am not sure if they still live in Sorrento? Jim and I went to Elementary school and played alot of Liittle League together, we lost touch after school, had not seen each other for many years. Jim’s folks probabley will not remember me, I was from Blind Bay back in the 70’s.

    Sorry for the families loss…

    T. Burroughs
    Penticton BC

    Sad News

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