Armstrong, Claude

January 11, 1934 – October 28, 2021
at the age of 87 years


  1. Sandy, Ben, Annaliisa and Jenny,
    I am so sad to hear Claude has passed away. I have such fond memories spending time with your family. We were always laughing and your Dad was the funniest of all. He didn’t say much, probably because he couldn’t get a word in edgewise, but when he did you had to listen because it was either going to be the funniest or the wisest comment we would hear that day. He had the best taste in music and was such a talented builder/carpenter. And most of all he loved you all so much! You could see the pride in his eyes as he looked at you all, smiled and the corners of his sparkling eyes would crinkle up. What a blessing to have a family like you do. I love you all and have you in my thoughts often, but even more so these days.

  2. Sandra,

    Dad told me about Uncle Claude and I wanted to send you my sympathies. I always remember Uncle Claude as an amazing storyteller that captivated his nieces and nephew with his stories. A characteristic which he inherited from his dad. I picture Uncle Claude sitting in a lawn chair up at Otter Falls around a campfire entertaining us with stories about his parents and grandparents.

    Sending you hugs of comfort. Much love, Nancy Drad (nee Armstrong, Len’s third daughter)

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