Dibb, Patricia Lynn

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADecember 11, 1948 – March 8, 2013
at the age of 64 years


  1. I miss you Mommy..every minute of every day

  2. Omg goodness…I just read what u wrote about my mom..I’m in tears but so very happy that someone else saw what I’ve always known my mom to be…it’s only been little over 2 yrs but I miss her more n more every day!!!
    Thank you for making me smile when thinking about her

  3. Ellerbeck! Hey Ellerbeck! Pat
    You segued into my life
    with that lithe, willowy grace
    that shaped your every movement
    and echoed an artful dance,
    your hair twirling and glowing, black with sunshine.
    Magnificent. Swaying the fibers of my soul,
    smelling of soap, and the subtle, heady scent of integrity,
    laughing your joyful surprise at each new discovery or
    shared lexical treasure or newly discovered wonder.
    You put Nair on your lip and cried, then taught me poetry on the bus to your grandparents’ place.
    We walked many miles as refugees from parents.
    I’ve been looking for you for weeks and it should have been decades, even half centuries.
    I found you in 1959, in Lethbridge, getting a prize for your writing.
    I found you again in Burnaby with a phone that doesn’t work anymore.
    Then I found you in White Rock, still in high school.
    I found you and your Dad, in 1954, moving from Medicine Hat.
    A friend found you at Wise Wood, looking for someone you might still be in touch with.
    I heard you had two daughters.
    I didn’t want to be your lover. I didn’t even need to be your friend.
    But I would have liked to heal any hurt you may still feel
    and I wanted the wound I put in my own heart to start to mend.
    And then I found you. Cremated, March 8, 2013.
    Too late for me to say hello again.
    I can only tell you, with a heart full of regret, that I loved you poorly. Goodbye, Pat.

  4. I’m so sorry. I wish I had connected with her much sooner to tell you how much I miss you and what a good friend you were.

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