Fenyvesi, Emeric “Henry”

FENYVESI, EMERIC (HENRY) WMarch 6, 1931 – January 18, 2015
at the age of 83 years

Though his smile is gone forever
And his hand we cannot touch.
We still have so many memories
Of the one we loved so much.
His memory is our keepsake
With which we’ll never part.
God has him in his keeping,
We have him in our hearts.
We love you forever.
Elizabeth, Christina,
Dale, Mark,
Mark, Simon, Tyler


  1. Hello Antoine, thank you for the condolences. I was at my Dad’s retirement and remember that day well. My Mom was there too! Such happy times and happy memories! Oh how I miss him too! Maybe we can meet up one day for coffee and tell more stories.

  2. Oh gosh, I just sobbed when I read your story Char! Those blue eyes of his were beautiful! And tricking Lucky to come out of hiding is priceless! Thank you so much for adding your condolences. He will be missed… no words to describe the sadness…

  3. Thank you Garnet, I miss him lots! He didn’t stop telling his stories for one moment. It drove me nuts sometimes! I new this day would come and how I give anything to hear just one more story… i miss his voice. I heard the house party story many many times! ♥

  4. My Papa, my Daddy, my Friend, Oh how I love you and how I miss you. You use to brag and tell stories to your friends about how I would kiss you and sit on your lap until I was at least fifteen years old. I use to be embarrassed by that story but deep down I always treasured it. I now want nothing more than to hear your voice and hear your stories. I miss you so much Dad… it hurts so bad! It’s been a month but the pain and sadness still lingers. Blessed beyond measure for sure! I LOVE YOU FOREVER ♥♥♥ See you in heaven Daddy. Give Mom a hug from me and tell her she plays the guitar pretty good! †

  5. I am so sorry to hear the loss of your father .my dad ,alban , retired on the same day after working many years together. I loved working with your father. He called me sonny ,we called him pops .he was always telling us stories of the French foreign legion .how I miss those days…how I miss our dads .my condoliances,Antoine….

  6. I am so sad to hear about “Lucky’s daddy” – and so sorry for your loss. I always enjoyed listening to Henry’s stories about his adventures while I groomed Lucky and how his blue eyes just twinkled while he told them! Oh, and of course how he had his way of sometimes having to “trick” Lucky into coming out of hiding when I came over for his grooming appointment by saying “OH LUCKY!!?! Come see – ELIZABETH is here!”…or “CHRISTINE is here!”…and then poor little Lucky would come out of hiding – so excited – and it would only be yucky old me there – ready to give him a BATH!!!! POOR LUCKY :(… But he sure loved Lucky and Lucky loved him – I am so thankful I got to meet this little team!

  7. Sorry to hear about your father! He was a great neighbor for 20 years. He told me stories, made me laugh and when I was away on holidays watched my house and even broke up my kids house parties. He is and will be missed!

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