Gallant, Janet Marlene

September 4, 1957 – July 9, 2021
at the age of 63 years

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  1. Jan , I am trying to find a picture to show your beautiful smile but you remember how bad I was with phones and can’t find one …I just found out that your gone and what a loss …your humor on the days I was down sure lifted me up ….your laughter made me smile…you were always there for others and had such a heart full of love but you also let no one walk on you and stood up for yourself and I admired this in you and your strength …you lived a tough life at times but wow were you ever a successful loving human being that always thought of others and I want to be more like you were ..please give olive a kiss for me up there and hold her for me until I get there …she loved you so much ❤ goodbye for now my good friend please forgive me for not finding you before you left to tell you all this in person and what you mean to me …the last thing you said to me was I love you Robin hood ..haha I love and miss you so much Jan ❤

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