Graat, Brandon Victor Anthony

June 21, 1976 – February 20, 2021
at the age of 44 years


  1. Brandon was a special person in my life. When I met him in grade 9 I was captivated by his energy and consumed by his comforting ways. We spent time at his cabin up North, built a fort in the attic. We danced, we laughed, he was my first real teenager kiss behind a tree in Victoria park London. Such a special man. I will miss him dearly.

  2. Brandon! Because of your hard-work, motivation, drive, and enthusiasm i got the opportunity ad a teenager to work with what would become two of my lifelong best friends and take further steps into design towards what would become my career. Thank you so much. Right now I can still hear your positive energetic voice clear as day. You positively impacted so many, are so loved, and will be missed.

  3. You stayed with Michelle and I for a few weeks as young adults. You showed us how to make chocolate and peanut sundaes and mix Ceasar drinks! Such a decadent soul! Michelle even modelled in your runway fashion show!

    I called you last year, soon after the apartment building fire when I was displaced. We shared many long, deep belly laughs in this moment of grave distress, long and deep belly laughs …the only kind that Brandon ever did! You welcomed me with open arms. I knew you would help me. Had I made it back to London, I could have seen you one last time. We had made plans to meet up, but Covid shutdown dampened our plans.

    Brandon, you are such in unconditionally loving soul. Please give Michelle a long and tight hug from me. I know life was not fair to you, but you rocked your stiletto s and danced through it like the diva soul you are.

    Love, Tina

  4. Rest in peace, Cuz

  5. I haven’t seen or talked to Brandon in a long, long time. We were friends in high school though, and looking back it’s easy to see the bright light he was, and to remember his smiling face. Though it’s been too long, I would still like to offer deep condolences to those who love him and will miss him. I so sad and shocked to hear this news. He was a good person. I’m glad to have known him, even if it was just in my younger years. I will always remember him singing at the assembly (much awaited), and he and Amy doing the dance from Grease to perfection.

  6. I am so very sorry for your loss. Brandon was such a sweet man and will be missed. Brandon lived with me for a few years in his early 20’s and I have many fond and funny memories of him. Dancing in his underwear would definitely be one of them. Take care of your heart.

  7. Brandon is One of my dearest and oldest friends and I am so sad that he passed away this past Saturday, February 20th, 2021

    44 years old… Selfishly I wish I had 44 years more with him on earth.

    I’ve been going through the motions of grief this week since finding out…. death and transition puts so much into perspective. What matters and more importantly what doesn’t. The more I live my life, the more I recognize the gifts and blessings… and each and every time, I realize more and more, it is the love and time we share with loved ones that is the gift of all gifts. No one is promised tomorrow so be sure to tell the ones you love that you love them! I wish I could have told Brandon this a billion times more in this lifetime because I did and do! Brandon taught me many, many things and helped me to become all that i am – a teacher and guide to me in so many ways.

    I love you Brandon Graat! With all my heart and soul. Thank you for blessing my life and being my friend and kindred spirit and guide. Thank you for being in my life; for loving me and teaching me what matters! I will love, treasure, and honour your pure divine love and kindness and I will forever! Your Gorgeous Heart and Soul will be with me forever.

    You touched my heart and soul with yours and as a result you liberated me to be the love that i am. Thank you for that the most! love liberates and yours changed my life forever!

  8. I’m so sad this world has lost you, dearest Brandon! Your beauty, so much on every level, will be greatly missed. You were an inspiration in your freedom of spirit. I feel grateful for the times we got to laugh together. So much fun! Love Forever ❤️

  9. Beautiful. Thank you for loving Brandon.

  10. ‘Let it go. Let it grow’
    Rest in peace my dear sweet man. Your zest for life, care and compassion for others, quirky style and clever wit brought so much joy to so many I will forever be grateful for the love and respect we shared. You taught me so much about myself and to appreciate the simplest of things in life. Thankyou for trusting me with your heart and allowing me to walk beside you for a brief time. I am blessed and honoured to have known you, my friend, my lover, my best friend. Till we meet again may you sing loud above all the other Angels, dance in your underwear and be free. No more demons to haunt your dreams. Forever and always. xoxoxo ❤

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