Loewen, Audree Merle

September 4, 1956 – January 1, 2021
at the age of 64 years

Audree Merle McIntosh married Alex Dodd August 24th, 1973, together they built a life and family over 24 years, and still remained friends throughout her life.  She is survived by her children and grandchildren Jason (Kurt) Dodd (Jodie), Dante and Daphne, Derek Dodd (Diedra), Ocean, Tiden, Haven (Sara), Salina and Charlie (Regina), Tamara White (Chad), and Austin, her siblings Trish Henderson and Tom MacIntosh, nieces and nephews Sam, Cassidy, Ben, Thomas, Crystal, Aaron.

Audree and Alex started their family in Kamloops with the birth of their first child Kurt in 1973, welcoming their second child Derek in 1975.  Young parents, they worked very hard in providing for their family and job opportunities for Alex led them to Clearwater in 1980.  Audree later worked alongside Alex, building a logging company and farming in the Clearwater Valley.  They added to their family and welcomed a long-awaited baby girl, Tamara in 1983, raising their family together and supporting their children’s sporting activities in the Valley. Together as a family they made many memories at the McIntosh family cabin at Adams Lake.

Once the boys were grown, they embarked on a new journey in purchasing the Little Fort Campground and Motel and it became McDodds in 1995.  Audree continued to live in Little Fort managing the hotel and restaurant with her sister Trish Henderson after her and Alex parted ways.

She met her 2nd husband and the love of her life in 1999 in Little Fort, and married Dennis in 2001, eventually selling McDodds and moving to Chilliwack, Armstrong and Vernon with Dennis.  These two were absolute soul mates, living and loving life to the fullest travelling to Paris, trips to Mexico, boating, and camping.  They both loved to have a good time around a campfire with friends and family, always laughing and always fun.  She lost Dennis suddenly and too soon in 2012.

After Dennis’ death she became the travelling mom/gramma/sister/aunt, known as the Gypsy Aunt so says her niece Sam.  Audree lived her life to the fullest enjoying every moment.  Nothing stopped her from doing it alone if need be.  She adventured across Canada to Newfoundland with her sister Trish, took a solo road trip to Alaska with her truck and camper, spent a few winters in PV, Mexico and Mayan Mexico where she drove to Belize and back with friends.  She finally went on the Australian adventure that her and Dennis always talked about and auntie Yvonne joined her camping along the way.  Most of her time home here in BC was spent camping, fishing, and kayaking on her own or with the many friend’s she met along the way.

Audree made friends wherever she went.  She was a very gentle kind person whom people loved to spend time with.  She was always a neutral non-judgmental ear.  Many would say she never said an unkind word to anyone.  Throughout her life she tried her best to keep in touch with those she loved no matter their distance.  This year brought an exciting family announcement that she was soon to be a great grandma and she wanted to be called “Gigi”.  Her friends have all spoken of how proud she was of her children and grandchildren.  She spent her last remaining years in Malakwa, welcomed by a community of people who became friends.  Audree will be sorely missed by all who knew her.  Taken too soon from us she will never be forgotten.

When we lose someone, we love we must learn not to live without them, but to live with the love they left behind.


  1. May long weekend won’t be the same without Audrey. We introduced her to Woods Lake and kayaking. Spent many hours out on the water fishing and around the camp We think of Audrey lots, she was the best camping partner ever. So much fun to be with. Much love and hugs Carol and Gord from the Hood.

  2. I met Audree in Mexico and she was one of a group of us that hung out around the swimming pool. She was always a happy and outgoing person and fun to be with. I knew her only for a very short time and was very sorry to hear of her passing. She will be missed by all who knew her I am sure. Condolences to her family and friends.

  3. Our condolences to the family and many friends of Audree.
    Remembering a beautiful soul who was and will always be a member of our Cedars community. Audree was an active member in the Cedars community volunteering and enjoying the companionship around many camp fires. She touched many with her kindness.
    Audree, you are missed but never forgotten.

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