Repnow, Hermann Wilhelm Fritz

April 18, 1936 – September 4, 2022
at the age of 86 years


  1. Dear Sylvia and Sandra. I am sorry to hear that Herman has passed away, and I hope that life for you is calm and you are doing well. I found this site as I was looking by “googling” your names to find out if Roy and Peggy Drury’s former home and yours ..were affected by the Wildfires in Sorrento/Blind Bay. I think of you whenever I recall the wonderful visits we made to stay with “Gramma and Grandad Drury” in that beautiful home they built!! ..Again, I was sorry to hear that Herman is no longer with you.
    Sincerely, Tanya.

  2. Dearest Sylvia & Sandra: My sincere condolences on Herman’s passing. My thoughts & prayers
    are with you. Would love to get together with you.

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